lunes, 5 de enero de 2009

Bienvenidos Mimi y Michelle!

Gracias por sus ayuda con mi español. Escribe aqui!

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Maltizm dijo...

Esto es maravilloso! Me siento como un niña en navidad por la mañana!

Renetta Garrison Tull dijo...

Gracias Michelle! La estructura de su espanol es muy bueno.

English Break --
I'm still trying to grasp the use of pronouns (le, me, te) and the differences between por and para.

Maybe I'll try to review those points today. You've motivated me!

Technically, I haven't taken a real class in Spanish. Maxson and PHS classes didn't count. I took a Bertlitz class for 2 weeks and sat in on some classes last summer, but that's it. From time to time, I try to practice with some native speakers, but I shy away when I haven't spent time practicing. I'll review some of my materials and let you know how I fare tomorrow.

Take care!

Maltizm dijo...

Thank you! I am currently in a Spanish 2 class at Empire State College (online). I took the Spanish 1 class about a year ago.

I took Spanish in Hubbard...Mrs. Cardona(?) and I had Spanish 1&2 in high school.

I've always wanted to speak a second (and third) language.

Is there a way to attach a document? I could post some notes...

Luego hablamos!

Renetta Garrison Tull dijo...

I don't know how to post notes. But I have a TON of books with me in Puerto Rico, so I hope to have time to go through them. I was in the supermercado today and was only able to say one word ... "permiso" when I had to pass in front of a person. The person bagging my groceries was asking me something about packing my food and I totally froze! (Sad, sad, sad!) I hope to do better tomorrow!