jueves, 12 de febrero de 2009

Estoy visitando clases en UMBC

Por las algunas dias, ha sido visitando clases en Espanol: 201 y 202. Hay mucho tarea!

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Renetta Garrison Tull dijo...

Too tired to write in Spanish right now. I am sitting in on a few classes ... since I work at a university, the Modern Languages Dept has been kind enough to let me sit in on some classes. So I talked to 4 professors --- 2 for 201 (mostly grammar, preterite, subjunctive, imperfect) and 2 for 202 (grammar but more writing and speaking.) I need both. The classes (combined) are:

M, W, 8:30 - 10:15
T, Th, 11:30 - 12:45
M-TH, 4 -5 p.m.

So I go when I can. I wish that I had time to do all of the homework because I know that it would help me a lot! My thought pattern is that if I get a little bit 3-4 times a week, I'm more likely to keep working at it. In PR I heard Spanish everyday and I don't want to lose what I learned now that I'm back. Plus, I want to be more fluent by September, the time of my next meeting in San Juan!

Maltizm dijo...

That's really a great benefit! I am finishing up with my class and will be done at the end of the month.

I was thinking of getting something like Rosetta Stone to help. Have you had any experience with it?

Renetta Garrison Tull dijo...

No, no experience with Rosetta Stone, but I've heard that it's good.

BTW, what books were you using? If we were using the same books I can point you to some of the book-related material online. Or we can continue from where you left off in the book.

Maltizm dijo...

This is the book we are using:

Panorama Second Edition

There is also online access to the lab manual...I think it will be available to me for some time after the class is over.